Sunday, April 18, 2010

Get up, stand up....

The other day I had a conversation with a friend that greatly disturbed me. This friend is the same age as me and said they had no real political views simply because they felt disenfranchised from the US Government. I think that most young people feel unimportant and without power when it comes to their government, and because of this they sit back and ignore it. We can’t ignore our government!!!! I do agree that quite a few of the people in power have forgotten who they work for and only push their own agendas, but they still work for us! A few days after this conversation I accidentally came across a copy of the US Constitution, and while yes I had read it before and knew the basics of it, I re-read the preamble and its importance hit me. “We the people…,” well who are the people? I’m the people and you’re the people, and our government was instituted to work for us and by us. It doesn’t matter how much money or influence you have, you’re part of “we the people” and you have power. Don’t sit back and feel unimportant, get up a scream and yell if you don’t like what they’re doing to your government! I must admit that I too have in the past few months thought of politics as both helpless and upsetting, and in so doing I let the world pass me by. Never again will I let this happen, and a word of warning to those in power, WATCH OUT!!!! Because I’m going to be watching, watching like a hawk because you work for the people not yourselves!!!!!

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