Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Vampire!!!!

I'm so tired of all the Twilight hype!!!! I finally saw the first film and was bored out of my mind!!!!! Vampires have been done better in both book and film!!!! For all you Twilight kids who think you've discovered vampires, think again!!!! The myth of the blood sucking immortal first reached mainstream world culture in 1897 via author Bram Stoker's "Dracula". The book is a wonderful piece of Gothic literature that I would recommend to anyone in the mood for something well written and more adventurous in theme compared to most English Literature of the period; its generally considered the "Bible" when it comes to the vampire myth. Second, Vampires first came to film in the 1922 silent "Nosferatu." I would have to say that the Dracula like character of Nosferatu is by far the most frightening vampire ever to grace the silver screen!!!!
Finally, when it comes to "sexy vampires" Catherine Deneuve is the final word. Not only is she a better looking woman than Robert Pattinson is a man, but she's a better actress as well as a screen and fashion icon!!!!! 1983's "the Hunger" is a far more erotic and artistic look at the vampire myth that is superior in acting, direction, plot, and COSTUMING!!!!!

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